Ward 10 Progressives Distribute Sewing Machines To Trained Female Apprentices

Ward 10 Progressive Forum, in collaboration with JCI Arewa, has on Saturday distributed sewing machines to its beneficiaries of One Talent under IBWU (It Begins with You).


In a press release signed by the chairman of the Forum, Ahmad Abubakar, he stated that the empowerment training was a very crucial step considering the high rate of unemployment in the country.


According to him, the training is a move to reduce idleness and make the girl-child more productive.


“This is in line with our mandate of securing the future for positive impact through empowering the girl-child with needed support and skills to excel” he stated.


He revealed that eight out of the sixteen girls who had undergone the tailoring training were empowered with Singer manual sewing machine.


Abubakar expressed appreciation on behalf of Ward 10 Progressive Forum to the IBWU Foundation and JCI Arewa for their kind gesture, hoping for more engagements in the future.


“We appreciate the IBWU Foundation and JCI Arewa for this kind gesture and hope for a more cordial engagements in the future,” he said.

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