The Girl-Child And Her Rapist 

Abdulwaheed Sofiullahi

From the beginning of her life, she was once like a jetty yard stretched over acres; and being protected within a high wooden fence. The runny-smile sunshine strays her cockle-plastered; before the inclination suddenly keen jerks her parent’s courtship. The parental guidance discarded, slither shook her roly-poly face. Nobody cares about her either: she charred and felt neglected till the slippery over the summer vacation prodded her chest, tropping. The sun-dried sea salt ventured her to be staying with a family sister of hers.


She’s 14year-old. She hadn’t stamped on his feet; while her infant period wouldn’t let her have more strength to fight. Her own sister knew when she was deflowered by her husband but kept mute.


She will never forget when she was warbled by force — while her pride was forcefully taken from her. Depression, like a maiden, entices her vinegar; tormenting her like a furious yodeling. The suffering mangroves tree, continue ditching her with pessimistic dishes. She became a sex-machine for her sister’s husband from teenager to adulthood.


Though the secret is unknown to the masses, her life is moving freely without any contemplated vision. She was married off early last year, but the wound that was created in her heart would never heal. She was sent to school by those bad people, but she couldn’t focus when she was always raped. Perhaps, the rapist had gone Scott-free but the swampy rainy of his brutal habit shall fall hereafter.


We’re all surprised about the tale, right? The victim was raped from her teenage years to adulthood before she got married.


Globally, victims of domestic violence are overwhelmingly women, and women tend to experience more severe forms of violence.


The culture of silence among victims cannot help in any way to curb the menace of rape and other acts of violence against the female gender.

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