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The best game recording software for gamers

Want to share your version of the game with your friends? There is much software for capturing images from the screen. We have prepared a list of the best programs for recording video and audio from games so that in all its diversity you can find the most convenient and functional. Read and choose!

1. Screen Camera

The software from the domestic developer AMS Software makes it possible to capture high-quality images from a computer. In addition to recording, the Screen Camera will allow you to process videos, add screensavers and titles, add voice acting, including those recorded from a microphone through the program itself.

Main advantages:

  • Convenient video and audio recording,
  • Cropping, adding titles, adding music,
  • Uploading the finished video to YouTube or VK,
  • Save video in any format.

All this makes it one of the best programs for recording games.

2. Bandicam

Bandicam is a functional software with a simple interface. Knows how to capture an image from the screen and gives the user the ability to configure hotkeys, add cursor effects or hide it, set a recording timer.

To download the program for shooting video in the game and use all its functions, you will have to pay from $ 39. The trial version has limitations: the image is watermarked, and you can shoot videos no longer than 10 minutes. The disadvantages also include the demand for computer resources.


FRAPS is a fairly popular program among gamers for recording video from games, which works successfully even on weak computers. The program takes up little disk space and has a very simple interface that everyone can understand. As a result, the recording is of high quality, without distortion. Additionally, FRAPS can take screenshots and show FPS (frames per second).

However, this program for recording video from games for weak PCs also has significant drawbacks. The clips are very large, even if only a few minutes were recorded. They will take up a lot of computer space, take a long time to upload to YouTube and be problematic to send by email. When recording, you cannot pause the process if you need to step back or do something urgent on the computer. There is no possibility, if necessary, to set the resolution of the future video file. The interface language is initially English, you will have to search and install localization crackers.

And if you are thinking that only recording is not enough. More than recording you need a real time chat app for gaming. Then the solution is discord. You can have a look at this guide: How to download and install discord on Windows 10

4. OBS

OBS or Open Broadcaster Software is a free screen recorder and live streaming software suitable for streaming. Moreover, the program is able to perform these tasks simultaneously. The OBS interface is simple enough for even a beginner to figure it out. You can assign hotkeys for more convenient and faster work.

It makes sense to record the game in parallel with the broadcast only on powerful PCs, since this is a rather resource-intensive process. The start of recording is not clearly displayed, the purpose of a number of settings is not clear for beginners and requires study.

5. Mirillis Action!

Mirillis Action! Is a good program for recording letplays and saving videos to your hard drive in AVI and MP4 formats. You can specify which part of the image is required: the entire screen, the selected area, or the gameplay. You can add voice comments.

Mirillis Action! is paid (costs about 1000 rubles) and quite demanding on PC resources. It does not work on Windows XP operating system. The finished video has a non-standard resolution, for example, 1320×720.

6. PlayClaw 5

PlayClaw 5 is a functional software that will allow you to both burn video games to disk and stream. The user can choose the number and size of frames, video quality. The program is not very demanding on the system, it allows you to select a sound source for recording, shows FPS and takes screenshots.

PlayClaw 5 does not see and record all the games, sometimes it does not continue recording after a pause. The software is paid, to download and use it, you need to pay about 600 rubles.

7. Nvidia ShadowPlay

ShadowPlay is a fairly convenient program for recording game videos and online broadcasts. The software has a convenient instant replay function, that is, at any time (even if screen capture was not enabled) you can press the hotkey and save the last 30 seconds of the gameplay. This feature is very useful if you have done something incredible in the game and want to share your achievement online.

ShadowPlay can only be used on a computer with an Nvidia 600 series or higher graphics card and requires a 2.8 GHz or higher processor.

8. ReLive

AMD’s ReLive is capable of capturing video from the screen, broadcasting and publishing PC game achievements online. Allows you to make high-quality videos. It is not very convenient to adjust the parameters of future recording – you need to go to the additional Radeon Settings application. Previous settings are remembered for the next recording. This program for capturing video from games is quite demanding on system resources, it will slow down on weak machines.

9. MSI Afterburner

MSI Afterburner is a free game video capture software. Allows you to make high-quality recordings without compression with the ability to adjust the frame size and select the codec. The application is worth using when you need to make high definition video. The interface of the software is quite complex, it takes time to figure it out.

10. Windows Game DVR

Game DVR is a free built-in application for Windows 10. It allows you to record videos at 30 or 60 fps in two resolutions: 720p or 1080p. When recording, the processor is heavily loaded, so capturing the screen in high resolution is unlikely to work on weak PCs. The functionality of the program is rather scarce.

You got acquainted with the most convenient and functional software for shooting games. On-screen Camera looks advantageous and the most promising against the general background. It has all the necessary options, is simple and easy to use and does an excellent job even on weak PCs. Want to make high-quality recordings of your gameplay? It’s time to download a free screen recording software.