Shakira and Pique reportedly moving closer on their children’s future

Pique and Shakira‘s relationship is still rocky. Both of them, individually, lead a unique life, and respect for one another has generally been essential for things to work out.

However, other media outlets have brought up various outbursts in recent weeks. According to the information given by paparazzi Jordi Martin, as noted in ‘Socialite,’ Pique is apparently with another woman. It’s claimed that the woman has already met the children of Shakira and Pique.

The most recent reports have suggested that Pique is no longer be dating the woman in question, and who he has most recently been associated with.

Shakira and Pique agreement

Pique is unmarried and has many girlfriends,” according to Jordi Martin, though he declined to provide further specifics.

He did indicate that the former couple are starting a reconciliation, though through their lawyers, as they hope closer in their positions.

They are looking to come to a consensus and a shared understanding on their future, and the future of their kids.

The difference between the two is where they both live, or where they both want to live. According to Socialite, Shakira is still planning to move from Barcelona to Miami. Pique, on the other hand, has made Barcelona his home and is not open to change. The conflict arises when the question of where the kids will go is brought up.