Robert ‘Bobby’ Crimo III’s friends’ mother details how he spiraled into madness

Robert ‘Bobby’ Crimo III’s friends’ mother details how he spiraled into madness: Robert ‘Bobby‘ Crimo III’s life before the Highland Park mass shooting on July 4 took the lives of 7 people keeps offering more insight into the motive of this crime. One of Crimo’s friends’ mother spoke to the folks at The Daily Beast in detail about the murderer. She doesn’t recognize him from the past, she knew a kid who was normal like her own children but slowly fell down a negative spiral due to neglect from his entire family.

What is currently being denied by his parents are the multiple suicide attempts that Crimo III had throughout the years. Since 2015, there had been several red flags raised where this concerned mother of an unspecified name confirms she attempted to stop. Her initial reaction was to reach out to the kid’s parents when he threatened to overdose, but she was ignored.

Lake County’s coroner claimed that five people were declared dead in the scene and a sixth person died at the hospital.


How was ‘Bobby’ Crimo III as a kid?

This is the friends’ mother’s testimony: “He wasn’t always like this, and I would have never guessed that he would hurt a fly. Hurt himself? Yes. But hurt someone else? No. He was a sweet kid. But he hurt. He was very, very much a loner and depressed. And I think his emotional instability was kind of brushed under the rug by his family. I think there’s a lot of balls dropped, no matter which way you look at it.

“Parents, the government itself. I mean, if what they are saying is true on the report that happened back in 2019, why would his father sponsor him to legally purchase these guns? I thought it was a joke when his uncle came out and said ‘There were no signs of this. He was always this quiet kid, working in his apartment and behind the house.’ When it was like he had tried killing himself twice when he was hanging out with my [children], so how could you say there was no signs of this?”

The incidents the witness is refering to are multiple from 2018 and 2019, one of which involved an attempted suicide by the use of a machete. Police was called to where Crimo III lived with his parents, there were multiple attempts prior and after that April 29 incident. However, the first red flag came all the way since 2015, when the mother of Bobby’s friends attempted to speak to his father through Facebook messenger and she was instantly blocked.

Crimo Jr’s lawyer denies any of this ever happened. Truth of the matter is that the entire Crimo family is a disaster and ‘Bobby’ wasn’t guided as he should’ve. Also, there’s evidence to prove that his father facilitated Crimo III’s purchase of firearms by signing a parental permit. When this comes to light, the father needs to be prosecuted just as much as the son.