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Robert “Bobby” Crimo III’s creepy rap videos

Robert Crimo III has been detained by authorities, and now we’ve learned that under the name Awake the Rapper, he had been uploading very disturbing music videos to Youtube including a crude animation showing a heavily armed shooter being killed by police.

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Awake the Rapper’s YouTube channel owner can be identified by a photo they released, and a law enforcement official confirmed they are the same person.

The majority of Crimo’s social media pages and several of his videos contain a symbol that is similar to the one used by the far-right Finnish group Suomen Sisu. Crimo does not, however, appear to make any mention of the national organization in his postings.

An animated cartoon called “Toy Solider” opens with a student texting in class as Crimo can be heard rapping, “fuck this world.” Images of a heavily armed shooter entering a school and opening fire are cut between scenes of him battling police outside. The shooter is seen lying in a pool of blood in the final scene.

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More disturbing content from Robert Crimo III

However, dark themes are present in each and every one of his videos. In one, titled “On my Mind,” Crimo is depicted holding the American flag while wearing tactical gear inside a vacant classroom.

In another, he raps alongside clips of what appears to be him carrying a weapon, “Like a sleepwalker, I am breaking through no matter what.”

The Daily Beast reports that a neighbor who asked to remain anonymous, said that Crimo used to ride an electric bicycle while blasting heavy metal around the neighborhood and nearby nature preserves. He once operated a vehicle that had “pussymobile” written across the back.

“The family’s been in the area for a long time,” she said, adding that his father is a small business owner who ran for mayor of Highland Park in 2019 and lost in a two-to-one margin to the incumbent.”

“We don’t really know him, but we see him riding around the neighborhood, “she said. “We never had any interaction with him, other than we just see him driving around.”