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Few weeks ago a wedding souvenir calendar went viral containing the picture of an old man within the range of 80 to 85 years old and of an underaged girl of 10 to 12 years old, the calendar spiked lots of criticisms and denunciation from many people, Child rights advocates and organizations.


DPH NEWS however carried out an investigative report to find out what actually happened.


Malam Sani, who’s picture appeared on the souvenir calendar believing to have gotten married to a 10-year-old girl died two years ago.


DPH News reports that the whole rundown was mastermind by Malam Sani’s grandchildren for fun.


The 10 year old girl who’s picture appeared on the calendar is no other but Jamila Sada the deceased granddaughter



“There is this play or traditional norm that happens here in the northern part of the country where grandchildren and grandparents call each other my wife or husband.


“Although there’s lots of technological advancement now but nobody thought the joke will go that far”A traditional tittle holder told DPH NEWS


It was also revealed to DPH NEWS that Mal Sani Sada married only once and had only one wife until death snatched him away.

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