Nikkyz Foundation Trains Students On Menstrual Hygiene


In a bid to reduce period poverty and stigmatization, Nikkyz Foundation, in partnership with other foundations and supported by the Lagos State Food Bank, trained the students of St. Margaret college, Agboju, Lagos on good menstrual hygiene practices and how to make reusable sanitary pad.


Miracle Mbielu, one of the representatives of the Foundation said a lot of girls are not comfortable with menstruation due to the stigmatization attached to it for long.


She stated that taboos or reasons placed on menstruation from different societal structure like religion or the school which see menstruation as “dirty or filthy.”


“We cannot fully eradicate the stigmatization but we can reduce it, starting from the root that is the girl-child by enlightening them that menstruation is a process in itself and not a taboo,” said Mbielu.


She urged parents to be interested in and listen to the girl-child, paying more attention to their needs, making it easier to communicate with them on how they feel.This phase, she said, comes with a lot of psychological issues and hormonal imbalance.


Founder of Nikky’z Foundation, Nneka Nweke added that the outreach is not just to enlighten the students on menstrual issues but also to empower them on how to use and make money from sanitary pad.


“I feel so happy that the students learnt something today basically on the business aspect of it.


“It is not about giving the pads to them but training them on how make sanitary pads, make it their business and to build their own brand,” she said.

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