Inflation relief: Here’s why some seniors won’t get a new stimulus check in California of up to $1,050

The new budget deal that will help millions of Californians mitigate the inflation and having food or gas constantly on the rise, is simple, if you file taxes you qualify for this assistance.

It’s expected that this “inflation relief” will impact the pockets of about 23 million taxpayers in the state, with checks in the $200 to $350, depending on what’s their income.

Some tax filers could receive as much as $1,050 in refunds as part of a $9.5 billion tax refund plan implemented by the states government.

To qualify you had to have filed your 2020 tax return by October 15, 2021 and continue to be a California resident.

So why will it leave some seniors out?

Since those who receive a federal disabilty or social security payment aren’t required to file taxes due to it being their sole source of income.

But still the Californian government promises additional assistance programs to be put in place to help the elderly go through this financial hard times.

California also has other relief plans in place

ents also may be entitled to utility assistance, health care subsidies and even rent relief, even if the federal government decides not to renew its assistance plans.

Governor Gavin Newsom wanted to give 28 million refunds for qualifying registered vehicle owners in the state, but legislators didn’t want the money to be exclusively targeted at car owners, so the actual relief plan is still being put in place.