How To Unlock New Areas In Stardew Valley

You can follow this guide to unlock new areas in the Stardew Valley. You will be shown a full game map at the start. But there are some areas in the map which need to be unlocked. So, let’s get started and unlock them.

Map of the areas that you can explore in the game.

Access to Community center:

To reach the particular areas, you have to first get into the community center. If you haven’t been there before, there’s no need to worry about that, just continue playing the game and the mayor Lewis will give you access to the community center soon. Once you get the access, enter into the center and go to the lower left room, you will find a golden scroll there.

Visit wizard tower:

Pick that up but you will not clearly understand what’s written on it. You have to go to the wizard tower in the cinder sap forest and the towers’ door will open once you take the golden scroll from the crafts room. Start a conversation with a boy there and he will give you a magical liquid. After getting it, you will be able to understand the scroll.

Complete quest objects set:

Now you can complete the quests set and earn rewards for that. To achieve the fetch quest, you will be asked to maintain the stock of spice berry, grapes and sweet pea to complete the summer foraging bundle.

Come back to our main objective that is to obtain the bridge repair reward. We will achieve it after completing all the quests. You will find different scrolls in different rooms, then take them to the same guy in wizard tower to understand the writing.

You’ll find another scroll above the lower left room.

There are some quests in this scroll as well that need to be completed.

You will earn much needed rewards after completing each one of the quests. But this is a very long process, you just need to fully focus on that. You will need certain kinds of foods to complete different quests, just be patient and wait for the season of that particular fruit. It is a very huge task to reach the hidden places in the Stardew Valley.