Four-year-old Allegedly Raped By Uncle in Jigawa

A four-year-old girl was allegedly raped by her uncle at her family house in Jigawa state.


The girl mentioned her uncle’s name, Shafi’u after she was asked about who sexually assaulted her by her parents.


Her father, Ahmad while narrating the incident to DPH NEWS, said they first noticed when her mother wanted to bathe her.


“Her mother was about to bathe her when she noticed sperm on her pant and private part,” said Ahmad.


He added that after taking her to the hospital, the doctors confirmed that she was raped.


“We asked her and she confirmed to us that it was my younger brother who sexually assaulted her,” he added.

Ahmad who rushed to the Jigawa State Sexual assault referral center after discovering the devastating situation told DPH NEWS that he was frightened and scared that was why he rushed to the SARC without hesitation.

One of the Staff at the Jigawa State Sexual assault referral center confirmed to DPH NEWS that the girl was raped but the suspect didn’t penetrate her virginia.

“There is presence of sperm all over the girl, we were able to see it because the parents didn’t tamper with it, we have carried out assessment and noticed that her virginia was not penetrated”. She said


Ahmad stated that he will consult his father on what further actions to take against his younger brother but he gave emphasis on wanting justice for his four-year-old daughter.


“I want justice for my daughter so that what happened to her will never happen to another child again,” he said.


He noted that he was unaware of the VAPP Act that was domesticed by Jigawa state which prohibit all forms of violence against persons and to provide maximum protection, effective remedies for victims, punishment of offenders and all related matters.

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