Danfodiyo Varsity Readies Identity Cards for Students

Mudathir Hayatullahi


The management of Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto has on Tuesday disclosed that identity cards for the current 200 level students of the university is ready for collection.


This was made known in an interview with the Dean Student Affairs, Professor Aminu Mode.


According to him, the cards have been distributed to all faculty officers.


“Having discussed with the staff in charge, we are just waiting for the faculty officers to come and collect it. Even though, majority of them have collected, I think only the faculty of social sciences has not come for theirs,” he said.


He added that the Identity cards are not directly given to students at the student affairs division but to the faculty officers on behalf of their students, to access and detect if there are errors to be corrected before issuing them to the students.


“The faculty officers have collected the ID cards on behalf of their students, since it deals with thousands of students, they have to check and quickly complain any error seen in them, for corrections before the issuance to the students. I think most of them (faculty officers) have collected the ID cards.


“On Thursday, I realized that it remains only the faculty of social sciences that has not collected theirs. Maybe tomorrow, I will confirm, but all I know is that the ID cards are ready,” he continued.


When asked how the ID cards will be distributed to students, Prof. Mode said that the decision will be made at the faculty levels, if each student will be given at the faculty or at their various departments.


“I think the distribution will take place at each faculty but it’s their decisions. They are the ones that will decide on when to distribute them and where each student will collect it. They may decide that the collection takes place at the faculty and they may decide it takes place at the departments,” he answered.


Speaking further, Prof. Mode said the available ID cards are for the current 200 level students alone, stating that some of the newly admitted students have not completed their registrations.


“Concerning the 100 level students, we are still on their own. Some of them have not finished their registrations yet and it’s only when they’ve finished registering that their records will be brought to us for continuation of works. So, we have started doing theirs too but we haven’t started distributing it yet.”

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