#ChooseToChallenge: Women Can Do It Better

Women can do it better. Starting from the contribution of women to a society’s transition from pre-literate to literate likewise is undeniable. Basic education is key to a nation’s ability to develop and achieve sustainability targets. Research has shown that education can improve agricultural productivity, enhance the status of girls and women, reduce population growth rates, enhance environmental protection, and widely raise the standard of living.


It is the mother in the family who most often urges children of both genders to attend – and stay – in school. The role of women is at the front end of the chain of improvements leading to the family’s, the community’s long-term capacity.


History has taught us that change can happen through embracing innovative ideas from collective activism. Change, however, isn’t small as its composed letters: the way we think, talk and act everyday can create a robust change on the importance of women in all societies. Ever heard saying ‘’a woman’s work is restricted to kitchen?’’ well, it’s untrue. Because women make some lives surviving in their hands; and their acquired education can rebuild the world when we realize the three terms unpaid care and domestic work that’s taking their time and energy away to advance their careers, earn more money and enjoy leisure activities — as blockage.



The global role of women throughout history has ensured the stability, progress and long-term development of nations. Being women, sharing a special connection that extends beyond race, age, sexuality, political opinion and physicality would broaden the development of all communities if equality is rooted in our minds. The future we’re aiming for is seeing women getting power in the world; even in rural areas. Seeing women to be fully involved in politics, becoming head of states. Also, in the future that education would make them independent and no longer depend on men to lead their lives.

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